Positive Technologies

Positive Technologies is an industry leader in results-oriented cybersecurity and a major global provider of information security solutions. Our mission is to safeguard businesses and entire industries against cyberattacks and non-tolerable damage. Over 3,300 organizations worldwide use technologies and services developed by our company.

PT Solutions and Products

Network Attack Discovery

PT Network Attack Discovery is a network detection and response (NDR/NTA) system for detecting attacks on the perimeter and inside your network. The system makes hidden threats visible, detects suspicious activity in encrypted traffic, and helps investigate incidents.

PT Sandbox

PT Sandbox is a state-of-the-art sandbox for enterprise protection from advanced persistent threat and mass attacks. Capable of detecting sophisticated malware in files and traffic, product supports flexible and extensive customization of virtual environments for maximum effectiveness.

MaxPatrol VM

MaxPatrol SIEM provides 360º visibility into infrastructure and detects security incidents. Regularly updated with knowledge from Positive Technologies experts. Effortlessly adapts to network changes.
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