About Us

SecureWay started its operations with the backing of over 20 years of experience of its founders in the field of information technology security, and with the aim of providing advanced and intelligent security services and products in the form of a new company. We at SecureWay believe that with the emergence of artificial intelligence and the use of sophisticated techniques and methods in cyber attacks, traditional network security methods and products will not be able to protect your organization’s network and data, and you need a comprehensive and comprehensive 360-degree program to stay safe from today’s sophisticated and intelligent threats. SecureWay, based on the experience and expertise of its experts, as well as by using the latest network security products, many of which use artificial intelligence to identify and combat security threats, paves the way for security in your organization.
SecureWay is committed to providing its customers with intelligent, effective, and affordable solutions to achieve world-class security in the shortest possible time. SecureWay’s future vision is to achieve international standards and export its services and products to the Middle East and North Africa region as a leader in providing security products and services.


SecureWay’s mission is to provide its customers with the security they need to protect their businesses and organizations from cyber threats. SecureWay’s solutions are designed to be comprehensive, effective, and affordable.


SecureWay’s vision is to be the leading provider of security products and services in the Middle East and North Africa region. SecureWay is committed to achieving this vision by continuing to invest research and development, and by expanding its global reach.

Specific Goals

To achieve its mission and vision, SecureWay has set the following specific goals:

  • To provide its customers with a wide range of security solutions that address their specific needs
  • To use the latest technologies and innovations to deliver the most effective security solutions
  • To provide its customers with exceptional customer service and support
  • To be a socially responsible company that contributes to the security of the Middle East and North Africa region

SecureWay is confident that it can achieve these goals and become the leading provider of security products and services in the region.

Solutions and Services

Pre Attach

SecureWay provides valuable services to its customers in pre-attack situations. These services include security assessments, vulnerability identification, and security consulting to improve the protection of sensitive information.

During Attack

When cyberattacks occur, SecureWay responds immediately with its team of experts. This response includes analyzing the attack, blocking malicious components, and quickly recovering information

Post Attack

After the attack is over, our company will continue to support you. Providing recovery services, security upgrades to prevent repeat attacks, and providing detailed attack reports will help you make the best decisions in the future.

SOC as a Service

A new solution for organizations to protect against various cyberattacks, including DDoS attacks, system intrusions, and espionage.
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